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We went from making a humble $5.50 on our first day of sales, to now creating entrepreneurial content that’s consumed by millions every single week.

Today Foundr+ is the realization of 9+ years of hard work curating world-renowned practitioners and distilling their proven frameworks into step-by-step industry leading programs.

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frequently asked questions

Spidertech is the world’s first company to provide the innovation of a convenient, standardized, and easy to apply format. In fact, the patented EZ- apply technology is so easy-to-use you can apply it in seconds! No cutting, no waste, and reproducible results every time!

Spidertech can work in 3 ways.

Structural Support Pain Management Reduce Inflammation
When the tape is stretched and applied over muscles in a shortened position it will provide a mechanical barrier to potentially harmful postures and ranges of motion. Spidertech provides constant skin stimulation, which interacts with your nervous system to improve pain, relieve muscle tension and helps body awareness. The enhanced sensory stimulation disrupts and diminishes signals of pain. The elastic fibers in the tape gently elevate the skin allowing for any swelling or inflammation in the area to flush out and prevent any congestion or pooling from happening underneath the tape.

What is revolutionary about this is the effect of the continuous stimulation provided by wearing Spidertech on the skin may help to break the cycle of chronic pain. Spidertech therapy means less pain and more activity for more people.

Spidertech tapes are made with a cotton-elastic material and a 100% polyacrylic adhesive. All of our tapes are latex free, hypoallergenic, and water and sweat resistant.

Spidertech tapes are made with a cotton-elastic material and a medical-grade poly-acrylic adhesive. They are latex-free and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin, or a known allergy to adhesives, we recommend using our gentle tapes which are designed with a gel-like adhesive that is softer on the skin. We always recommend testing a small piece of tape on your skin before use. If you do have a reaction to the tape, please remove immediately.

(Removal: pull skin tight and gently roll the tape in the direction of hair growth)

Please consult a medical professional before using kinesiology tape with prescribed blood thinners.

Applying Spidertech is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Each Pro-Cut is designed with our patented EZ- apply technology. Each step is numbered on the product and every Pro-Cut comes with a quick link to our application videos.

When it’s time to remove your Spidertech, pull the skin under the tape tight and slowly roll the tape off in the direction of hair growth.

Removal tip: Make removal even easier by applying oil to the tape. Using any body oil, soak the tape for approx. 10-15 mins and then proceed to roll the tape off your skin.

Spidertech applications are designed for one-time use and cannot be reapplied after they have been removed. Each application is designed to be worn continuously for multiple days through sleeping, showering, exercising and all of your daily activities.

Spidertech Pro-Cuts have been professionally engineered for different areas of the body. They have been designed using our current understanding of functional anatomy to provide the support required to manage muscular and circulatory conditions throughout the body.

Here are the most common reasons why your tape lifts off the skin prematurely:

  • The skin was not clean, dry and free from hair and oils.
  • The adhesive was touched during application
  • The ends of the tape were applied with stretch
  • The tape was not activated (gently rub to secure in place)
  • The corners were not rounded when cutting your tape

Spidertech tape is available directly from our website, on Amazon, and at leading retailers around the world.

Spidertech tape is designed with the most stringent quality controls and is classified as a Health Canada class 1 medical device. We are ISO certified and have product quality at the forefront of everything we do. We want you to be happy with your product(s), so if you have any issues or would like to return your order, please visit our Returns page, email us at, or call our customer service centre toll-free at 1-866-270-1753

We process every order within 1-2 business days. In order to try and reduce shipping transit times, we ship all US orders from our Connecticut warehouse and all Canadian & International orders from our manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. For real-time updates and shipping information we suggest monitoring your order directly on the carrier page.