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Our mission is to elevate client recovery by arming preofessionals with streamlined Kinesiology tape solutions.

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Use our custom shop. Build your ideal order with up to a 50% discount based on volume to give you our best offer yet.

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Get access to our ever expanding clinic-focused product range and be first to know when we launch a new product.

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Confidently integrate tape into your clinic.

Spidertech Pro is your all-access portal to cutting-edge education - research - and products - no matter where you are in your clinical journey.


We provide free continuing education so you can be up to date.


We compile all the top relevant research papers all in one location. Check out our write ups and explanations of our favorited by Dr.Nick.


Unlock fast, consistent taping with our pre-cut shapes for all areas of the body.

Monthly Live Lecture and Q&A

Every month we bring our director of education Dr.Nick to outline the most up to date papers and tequnicues you can use in your clinic. We always keep time for a QandA at the end.

Free 15-minute Discovery Call

Hop on a call with us and we’ll get to know you and your practice. We’ll make sure you get kinesiology perfectly and quickly integrated into your routine following our best practices for optimal results and much more!

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