Week Two
Spend time watching and learning all the different ways to apply Spidertech Pro-Cuts. Use the tapes provided to you to practice and master your new skill. This week is about repetition and making sure you get all the fumbling done before you start using our tapes on your patients. At the end of week 2, you will know how to apply the tape correctly and how to explain what it is the tape is doing when it is on.


Week Two Tasks
506 KB
Postural Pro-Cut
1.5 MB
Left Shoulder Pro-Cut
2 MB
Right Shoulder Pro-Cut
2 MB
Lower Back Pro-Cut
1.5 MB
Hip Pro-Cut
1.3 MB
Knee Pro-Cut
1.5 MB
Ankle Pro-Cut
1.3 MB
Fan Pro-Cut
1 MB

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