In this webinar we will discuss how applying Spidertech following your Deep Tissue Massage improves the tissue recovery process to ensure maximal therapeutic benefit for your clients.Live Q&A will follow.

Recap of the Previous Webinar:

Before we jump into the details of our upcoming event, let's take a moment to celebrate the success of our last webinar. We discussed the mechanism behind how Spidertech affects joint pain and how you can maximize your therapeutic effect by applying Spidertech at the end of your treatment sessions.

What You'll Learn

  • + Support and Stability: Spidertech tape applied after a deep tissue massage provides targeted support, stabilizing muscles and joints to maintain the benefits of the massage and prevent re-injury.
  • + Circulation and Drainage: Spidertech tape lifts the skin, promoting better circulation and lymphatic drainage. This accelerates healing by removing waste products and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues more efficiently.


Date: April 16, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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More Information

Dr. Nick Martichenko

Spidertech's Director of Education

About Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick Martichenko is a performance therapist with over 10 years of experience providing manual therapy and coaching high-level athletic development primarily in the sports of golf & tennis.

He is the main performance therapist on Denis Shapovalov’s team and travels with him to many of the major tournaments throughout the year.

Nick is also the Head of Manual Therapy & Strength and Conditioning for Golf Ontario’s Development Program. Along with these specializations, Nick continues to serve as the Director of Education for Spidertech Kinesiology tape.

Nick is a proud alumnus of Robert Morris University where he played NCAA DIV 1 Golf.